Team Lowes's Racing - Thank the Military and Show Your Pride

This was around Memorial Day 2010. I wanted to share a special message my sister submitted about Eric and it got published!

“This is a photo of my brother-in-law, Major Eric Kennedy serving in Afghanistan in the 33 rd infantry Brigade at CampPhoenix.  He is there to provide medical support to the people of Afghanistan.  Some of those folks have never seen a doctor before so they are providing milk and vitamins to children as well as treating several adults that desperately need medical attention.  Our folks are setting up medical clinics that the Afghanistan people will be able to take over once they receive all the training we are providing to them.  The best news our family has received in a while is that Major Kennedy has received his papers to come home next Tuesday and is expected back in the States on Memorial Day Weekend! Thank you for all that you have done Eric and we can’t wait to see you!” – Christen Tinsley

Eric doing work in Afghanistan for the US Army