Meeting up with Chad Knaus - Crew Chief of #48 Nascar Champion Jimmie Johnson


Last month we were able to make it to the Michigan International Speedway in the Garage and Pit area to check out all of the super fast race cars!  The day started out with a few sprinkles of rain and then the sun came out and made for a perfect day!  The highlight of our time at MIS was a meeting with Chad Knaus!  We had time to do a little catching up with him and Brielle made him laugh by telling him her favorite joke (she learned from her friend Rosie).  “What does a horse say when it falls down?  …I need to giddy up!”  hee hee!

We were able to visit Mr. Chad at his work while we were visiting North Carolina for the Rusty Rudder Golf Outing so the girls made a little picture collage for him and gave it to him as a gift!

collage for chad2.jpg

He really appreciated it and proudly displayed it on his desk right next to his prized trophy!  Wow!  :)


We really apprecaiate the time that Chad took with us and he even gave the girls a few coind to toss in the fountain out front to make a wish!  Brielle wished that she could go back to Aunt Ten’s house.  I think that is one dream that will come true!