Wendy On Wheels Books, A New Favorite!

Today we received our Wendy On Wheels books!  These books are the first ever children’s book series to feature a main character in wheelchair.  The books are written and created by Angela Ruzicka who got the idea from her sister, Amanda, who has spina bifida.

When our package of books got delivered today we ripped open the box and immediately read Wendy On Wheels Goes to the Beach.  Brielle hung on every word and carefully studied each picture.  When that story was done, she wanted to read Wendy On Wheels Goes to the Zoo!  Then without hesitation, she wanted to read Wendy on Wheels Saves the Day!  She loved these books so much that when we were done, she wanted to read them all over again.  Wow, now that’s some serious book love! 

So after dinner and bath time were over, I let her pick one to read before bedtime.  She chose Wendy on Wheels Goes to the Zoo.  There is a funny part where Wendy and her friend Brandon visit the Chimpanzees and the chimps make funny faces at them through the window and Brielle and Brooke laugh and laugh about that.  I like that there is a discussion page at the end with just a few questions that ask how your child would have handled certain situations in the book.  It was fun to hear her answers and rationalizing… at just 3 years old.  

Here are some pictures of storytime before bed with their new favorite books:  

Below you will find the Wendy On Wheels books that are currently available and you can order them through Amazon.


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Angela Ruzicka Liebermann is the creator of the character and author of the book “Wendy on Wheels.” “Wendy on Wheels” is a ten-year-old young lady who has a blast rolling through life in her wheelchair. Wendy is completely content with her life and makes the best of every new situation that comes her way. Angela believes disabilities are not obstacles to overcome but just represent alternative options. She created “Wendy on Wheels” to motivate children of all circumstances with her exciting adventures because Wendy reminds us all that there are no restrictions in life.