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Photo taken by  Angelworks Photography

Photo taken by Angelworks Photography

photo via Friends of Brielle and Brooke

See those two little angels up there?  Absolutely precious.  They are the daughters of a friend of mine and they have SMA.  Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a degenerative disease which weakens the muscles of its’ victims - and it is terminal.  It is a physical disease which ravages the body yet leaves the mind in tact.  There is currently no treatment, but it tops the list as the closest to the cure for over 600 neurological diseases.

Brielle and Brooke have been diagnosed with SMA Type II.  There are four types, with Type I being the most devastating and Type IV giving the longest survival statistics.  I remember following their story via Facebook as their mother at first showed concern that Brielle wasn’t moving as she should be at 12 months and then reading the updates as she took her to doctor visit after doctor visit.  Sarah was due with Brooke at the time and her husband, Eric was being called up for active duty.  They learned shortly after Brooke’s birth that both girls were positive for SMA Type II.  Five days later Eric left for Afghanistan.  The entire family have become activists not only for Brielle and Brooke, but for the entire SMA cause.  This disease is not only emotionally draining, but financially trying, as well.  The girls need special equipment to help them be ambulatory, their van needed to be retrofitted, there is travel to and from doctors and clinics located across the country.  They have a long road ahead. 

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