"What Courage Looks Like" -mL Photography

and let me tell you, it doesn’t get any cuter than this.

this is the story of brielle and brooke. the most courageous, wonderfully happy, gentle-spirited, kind, loving just plain *amazing* little people I have ever met. though their story by no means defines them, it is one that must be heard because it is so important and it has changed their lives forever. but you know what? it hasn’t changed *them.* they are way too incredible to let it.

both of these beautiful sisters have a rare and devastating disease known as SMA, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, type II.

beacause that is all the time I am going to give that wicked disease right now. this day was about THEM. about how they are an inspiration to anyone who has ever had to fight for their life or struggled with pain. because, if you didn’t *know* they had SMA, well, then you wouldn’t *know* it. they are just that amazing. their smiles melted my heart and I swelled with love from the moment their big, wild, curly hair (jealous…) and kind eyes graced me with their presence. and from the moment we first met until stickers and the best hugs EVER were exchanged, their smiles never took a backseat.

brielle and brooke? you overWHELM me with your courage and strength.

and believe me, you are about to fall in love, too….

beautiful, bubbly, big laughter, big hearted big sister brielle.

sweet, soft-spoken, silly, spontaneous, super fun, smaller sister, brooke.

every image makes my heart swell. three sizes too big. but the good too big.


we had a pretty good time I think….and with these two, living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment of it, how could I not do the same??


just a little supermodel break, you know….

sisters. they are in this thing called life together.

with some serious love and support from their ahMAZing mama. (super gorgeous and kind mama, I might add…)

super serious loving….

I think the feeling is pretty mutual…

courage defined.

strength you never thought was possible from such itty little ones.

but this is what it looks like.

and I think, it is going to be near impossible for anything to get these two down.

actually, I *know* it. and I am so honored to know such amazing, beautiful girls. whom we can never stop fighting for. because I know? they never will either.

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missy widener

Thursday, September 16, 2010


8:41 PM