#100Miles4SMA Hosted by Sole2Soul

August is SMA awareness month and we are challenging ourselves and YOU to help us spread awareness and complete 100 Miles for SMA.  Challenge your friends, groups, teams and families to join us on the Facebook event page and post your daily or weekly progress and let us know when you hit 100 miles!  We will be there to cheer you on!

Run, Walk, Bike, Swim, Wakeboard, Ski, Garden, Beach Stroll... whatever gets you moving for a purpose! 
10min = 1 Mile

The awesome thing about Sole2Soul (S2S) is there is NO FUNDRAISING!  It's a simple donation through purchasing a special Brooke & Brielle inspired S2S piece of gear (not available until the end of the month) upon completion of your monthly miles on shop.runs2s.com and S2S, in turn, donates to Brooke and Brielle's SMA fund!  It's that simple... SO GET MOVING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!


About Sole2Soul: 
S2S isn't just about running, it's about moving with a purpose. It's about taking your miles and making them count towards changing lives, its about paying it forward with your legs! Each month S2S hosts a Facebook challenge of 100 Miles of moving in a month. 10min of any workout class=1Mile! Go to runS2S.com and order your finisher charity item, be it a medal or swag, and all profits will be donated to the charity of the month! This is my passion to not just move, but move for others. Join us in helping others by being healthy ourselves! Meet new challengers, make new friends, find a spin partner, gain a new running buddy, help a Soul with your Sole! Post the miles you move on the monthly event page and add up your miles, Encourage others and Motivate friends!