Congratulations and Welcome Home Eric/Daddy!

Eric has spent the last 6 grueling weeks in Fort Rucker, Alabama for a Flight Surgeon Training school for the US ARMY.  


The welcome letter reads:

“Congratulations on being selected to attend the Flight Surgeon Course. Keeping crew

members up and keeping them strong is our mission. This will be a busy and challenging

curriculum, but we will have fun doing it! Expect to work hard, both mentally and physically.

The class will be fast-paced and demanding, encompassing a variety of topics in Aviation,

Survival equipment and skills, Flight Physiology, MEDEVAC Doctrine and Operations,

Aeromedical Administration, Aviation Safety, Mishap Prevention and Investigation, and Clinical

Aerospace Medicine. At the end of these weeks we look forward to welcoming you into an

exciting new career within one of the greatest and proudest communities in the Army.”


Just to give you an idea of the course, one of the training exercises is the “dunker tank.”  It’s a helicopter simulator that drops into a pool and rotates.  The soldiers inside have black goggles on so they cannot see and have to use their survival training to go out the right door/window and up to the surface.

He made it!  Woo-hoo!  Here they are announcing his name at the graduation ceremony - Congratulations! 

and I get the honor of pinning his shiny new wings on his uniform!

The Pinning.jpg

Now it’s time to go home and see the girls!!!!!  


Waiting to see DaddyThe welcome home sign they made.


There were some happy tears!


Daddy’s girls. Glad he is home!



on 2011-04-25 22:18 by Sarah

Eric brought home a flight suit for the girls and had patches made with their names on them so we surprised him with a couple pictues.  Aren’t they cute!