A Disney Princess Wedding & More Magic At Disney World!

Brooke and Brielle were lucky enough to be flower girls in Miss Kelly’s (a.k.a. “Cinderella!”  -Don’t tell Brielle, she doesn’t know Cinderella isn’t real) wedding last week!  We were so excited to be a part of her special day and it was the most beautiful wedding.  When we planned our trip to Florida, we added in a couple extra days so we could partake in some more of the magic of Disney World!  Unfortunately, Eric could not come with us because he was not able to get the time off of work.  Luckily Miss Heather (a.k.a. “Super Nanny”) was able to step in to help out for this once in a lifetime trip!

We arrived at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, Thursday afternoon, Nov 17, and we were told to wait at the entrance because the “lighting of the torch” ceremony was just beginning.  In true Polynesian style, all of the torches were lit and then there was a special fire dance and we had front row seats!  It was a great start to our vacation.

Friday, Nov 18 -

The day of the big wedding!!  We headed to the gorgeous Bohemian hotel in Celebration, FL to get ready with the other guests in the bridal party.  It was fun to get ready with everyone else and be involved in the hustle and bustle of pre-wedding preparations.  Everyone looked so beautiful – like real life princesses!   All of the flower girls were given sparkly Disney crystal tiaras from the Bride!  Once Brielle put her tiara on, she never wanted to take it off.  Brooke was just the opposite; she thought it was funny to flip it off her head…  I guess that comes with being 2 years old.  The girls were both in awe of the bride, “Miss Kelly” with her breath-taking wedding dress, veil and elegant hair and make-up.

After everyone finished getting ready, we headed to the church and the ceremony started right on-time.  Brooke and Brielle were pushed in their wheelchairs down the aisle by two other flower girls, Hailea and Bella.  Brielle did her best princess wave all the way down (flower petals were not permitted).   They both did great sitting still and the only bump in the road was Brooke singing, “Sing sweet nightingale” during the ceremony so we had to make a quick exit because she liked the way her voice echoed in the church.   

Next up was the reception and the girls were excited to dance the night away!!  They made so many new friends and partied late into the night.  What a super fun night and so very memorable for all of us.

Saturday –

We spent the day at Hollywood Studios!

We had VIP seating at the “Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage” show and it was incredible!  Brooke and Brielle were captivated the entire show.  Brooke did not like the end when Gaston and the Beast fought.  First her hands started to tremble and then her whole body started to shake.  She calmed down pretty quickly after seeing Belle in her beautiful yellow gown dancing with the Prince. 

We were also lucky enough to see the “Voyage of the Little Mermaid” show and “Disney Junior – Live on Stage” - it was Minnie’s birthday!  The girls absolutely loved the “Toy Story Mania!” ride.  We put 3D glasses on and shot our spring action shooters at targets on all of the walls. 

One thing Brielle REALLY wanted to do again was to have dinner at Cinderella’s Happily Ever After Dinner at 1900 Park Fare to see Cinderella, the step-sisters, the Prince and Lady Tremaine.  Brooke and Brielle absolutely LOVE the movie Cinderella so it’s a real dream come true to meet some of their favorite characters.

After dinner we visited the gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian and looked for hidden Mickey’s!  They have a little shop there where you can even buy a piece of the gingerbread house, yum!  We spotted a little boy in a prince costume and just had to get pictures.  He was such a little charmer!! 

Just as we jumped on the monorail to head back to our hotel, we realized it was almost time for the fireworks!  So we decided to go to the Magic Kingdom and see them up close, they were so amazing!  The girls were doing really well so we rode a few rides and then stayed for the night parade.  So many characters waved to them, shook their hands, blew kisses, etc.  They really felt special getting all of that attention!  We headed back to the hotel with two tired little girls and slept in the next morning.

04Hollywood Studios2.jpg

Sunday –

We spent the afternoon in Magic Kingdom and it was such a magical day.  We had a special meet-n-greet with Tinkerbell and her friend, Terence, in Pixie Hollow.  It was so much fun to see a Disney fairy up close!  Brooke and Brielle touched her wings and felt her hair.  She gave them some special pixie dust and then we were on our way to the castle for dinner with the princesses!  Thank you, Miss Jodi!!

Miss Kelly made special reservations for us with her friends at the Royal Table.  When we arrived, we found 2 huge princess balloons at our table!  When the princesses came to visit our table they already knew Brooke and Brielle’s names!  How special is that!!  After dinner a royal staff member brought out magic wands for Brooke and Brielle on a pillow!  Wow!  Just when you think it can’t get any better, our waitress brought out a cake with a chocolate glass slipper on top filled with chocolate mousse.  YUM!!  It was extraordinary and we really appreciate the extra effort that was put into our reservation to make it so memorable.  Thank you, Miss Kelly!!

Brielle has been wondering where all the other princes are in Disney World so our friend, Jodi, made another impressive thing happen – we were able to meet Prince Phillip, Snow Prince, and Prince Charming with their princesses at the castle after our Royal Table dinner!!  It was like a dream come true.  There they stood, waiting for us to enter.  Brooke and Brielle had the biggest smiles on their faces with their eyes as big as saucers and hands slowly waving hello.  They all came forward to greet us and crowded around Brooke and Brielle and had royal conversations.  I tried to take pictures as fast as I could and capture those once-in-a-lifetime smiles.

All of that magic and we weren’t done yet!  We still had to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse!!  The wait was only about 15 minutes and then we were greeted by Mickey Mouse himself!  They spent so much time with us and even took the time to dance with Brooke and Brielle!  Awwwww, it made my heart melt!  They were both SO happy and kept telling Minnie “Happy Birthday!!”  As we left, we followed a hallway out that ends in the gift shop, so OF COURSE we had to buy little Princess Minnie and Magician Mickey Mouse stuffed animals.  The girls clung to them the rest of the trip.  We traded pins with the cast members in the gift shop and then they brought out a big stuffed Mickey character with a pin lanyard and Brooke and Brielle were able to trade pins with” Mickey” too! 

Our last Princess to visit was Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen from the movie, “The Princess and the Frog!”  The girls admired Tiana’s beautiful ball gown and all Brooke wanted to do was snuggle up with her.

The park started to get really busy towards the evening so we ended our night in our hotel pool watching the nightly fireworks over the castle.  It was magical and we reminisced about our days in Disney.  There were so many precious moments that we will treasure forever. 


On our last day we were able to meet another friend, Brittany, who has SMA type 3 and works at the Polynesian.  She was so sweet and the girls loved meeting another friend with SMA.  She will be such a great role model for the girls as they get older.

Special Thanks-

We would like to give special thanks to Miss Jodi and Miss Kelly for making Brooke and Brielle feel like very important princesses all weekend.  Also thank you to Miss Kelly’s awesome friends, Miss Katy and Miss Jessica for driving us back and forth and Miss Beth and Mr. Mike for being tour guides in the parks!  You guys were amazing and we were so glad to meet you!  Thank you to Miss Heather for all of your help there and back, we couldn’t have done it without you! 


Surprise!!  WE’RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!  …again!

Princess Cinderella …from the castle …at Magic Kingdom …in Disney World …is getting married …in real life.

She fell in love with Princesses Brooke and Brielle when we visited last June for the FSMA Conference.  Since then, we have become friends and she has learned so much about Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  She is such an amazing person who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. 

The exciting news is that she has asked Brooke and Brielle to be FLOWER GIRLS for her wedding… in Disney World.   OMG!!!!!!  We are beyond excited here at the Kennedy household. 

We will be traveling in a few weeks and CAN NOT WAIT for another magical trip for a fabulous wedding for the most beautiful princess … Princess Cinderella!