#100Miles4SMA in the month of August - SMA Awareness Month!

Challenge yourself and your friends to complete 100 miles of movement in the month of August to raise awareness for Spinal Muscular Atrophy! 

Run, Walk, Bike, Swim, Wakeboard, Ski, Garden, Beach Stroll... whatever gets you moving for a purpose! 
10 minutes = 1 Mile. Post your miles on social media with the hashtag #100miles4sma

You will be able to buy a t-shirt to show your accomplishment and help raise SMA awareness! LAST DAY TO ORDER is AUGUST 21, 2017 so order soon! You will receive your order between August 30th and September 11th.  Order here: https://www.bonfire.com/100miles4sma/


Sole2Soul Presents #100Miles4SMA!

RunS2S is hosting a challenge of moving 100 Miles in August for two very special girls, Brooke and Brielle, and to bring awareness to Spinal Muscular Atrophy!  

JOIN US HERE!  on.fb.me/1JZeTGC 

Lets bring awareness to SMA by moving 100 awesome miles in August, you never know whose life you'll change!


Run, Walk, Motocross, bike, skateboard, Workout Class, Yoga, Pilates..ANY movement counts towards your miles!
10Min = 1Mile
Log your miles in the Facebook event, receive amazing support, make new friends, encourage others to get their miles in! 

We are making a difference!  Learn more here.

A Princess Pirate Birthday

Happy 7th birthday to Brielle!  

Brielle really wanted to have a princess pirate birthday party this year.  She was so excited to help out with every detail.  She even made her own party invitations!  She made the drawing and then I scanned it in to my computer and added the text.  Next, we burned the edges and added a gold doubloon and then sent them out to friends.



The cake

The cake

Dad, I’m almost a teenager!
— Brielle (age 7)

We had a treasure hunt and lots of different game stations set up all around the yard.  We were so thankful for a sunny day!

We had plenty of accessories for the kids to dress up even more like a pirate and then they sat down at the table for a "make your own treasure map" craft.  After everyone arrived, it was time to start the treasure hunt!  We split into four groups, the Buccaneers, the Sea Dogs, the Swashbucklers and the Scallywags.

The kids played Captain Hook's Ring Toss, Pin the Treasure On The Map, Dig For Treasure (in the sandbox), Swab the Deck (sweep lots of pirate beach balls around a cone and back), Color & Sign The Cardboard Pirate Ships, and even got Pirate Tattoos!

For lunch, we had Sailing Hot Dogs, Cannon Balls (orange cheese balls), Pirate Jewels (fruit bowl), Fish & Chips (goldfish and potato chips), Polly's Crackers & Gold Nuggets (crackers and cheese), Veggie Planks (carrots and celery).  The food was a huge hit, especially the Sailing Hot Dogs!  

Scurrrvy Pirates!

The pirate themed cake made by Rachel Boswell was amazing and tasted as good as it looked!  Brielle got every present she could have ever dreamed of having and absolutely loved being surrounded by friends and family throughout the day.  She was so happy and felt like every detail of the party was just perfect!  

Thank you to our friends and family for helping us celebrate Brielle's special day, we will treasure the memories forever!

The Kennedy Family

The Kennedy Family


Special Thank you's to:

Charity Finstrom for providing her amazing talent: Angelworks Photography

Rachel Boswell for the amazing Princess Pirate cake!

Eric and Sarah's Pirate costumes provided by: The Timid Rabbit 

Treasure Hunt leaders and party volunteers: Sarah, Anna and Mrs. Hastings

Pirate Thank You notes Creatively Stamped by: Christen Tinsley

A letter from the White House!

Earlier this year on a day when Brielle stayed home sick from school, we watched her school morning announcements online.  Her elementary Principal talked about how received a letter from President Obama because he was given the award of “Outstanding Practicing Principal” by the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association.  In the packet he opened from the White House one of the things he showed was a picture of Bo Obama, the presidential dog!  Brielle decided she would like to draw a picture of Bo and write a letter to President Obama and tell him how much she aspires to be a Veterinarian when she grows up.  She hoped to get a letter back some day.  Just a couple months later - Brielle got a packet in the mail from the White House too!!  The packet contained a letter from the President on official White House letterhead, a signed picture of President Obama, an interview fact sheet with the President (did you know when he was young, one of his favorite books was Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak?), a small picture of the dog Bo Obama and a really fun “Day in the life of Bo” pamphlet that details out Bo’s entire day.  Bo is up at 6:30am and he heads off to bed around 7:00pm.  His days sound very full of things to do!  Brielle was overjoyed to receive this special packet in the mail.  What a great way to learn about some American history.


The picture of Bo Obama that Brielle drew and colored.

letter from white house june 20136.jpg

A letter from the White House!


The contents of the packet.