Fun Physical Therapy In Our Local School Gym

Brooke and Brielle have physical therapy sessions once a week through our school district called, “Early Intervention.”  The physical therapist usually visits our home and helps us problem solve how the girls can get around better within our living quarters.  This week we were invited to visit our local school and have the girls do therapy inside the school gym!  They had so much fun and loved all the space that they could move around in. 

Check out some of the great work Brooke was able to do on her Amtryke bike!!

Brielle was able to “run around” with her wheelchair inside the gym after she finished her therapy workout.

Brielle decided she could “help” Brooke and push her along in the tricycle.  This video is so funny.  :)

This video is sure to make you laugh!  Brooke has the best belly laugh.

A fun day of physical therapy!

This morning Brooke and Brielle got to go to one of their favorite places.  Brielle likes to call it, “Horseland.” It was a beautiful day outside so they both warmed up inside the arena and then headed outside for some fresh air!  At the end of the session, they always head back to the barn to give their horses a treat for such good work.  Today, Ella was getting suited up for another rider and Brielle asked if she could hold the leash.  Miss Morgan let her hold the lead rope and “walk” Ella down the barn hallway.  She was SOOO happy to be leading her favorite horse.  :) 











Since it was such an amazing day outside and the winter will be here before we know it we had to take advantage of the beautiful day and ride bikes!  Brielle rode her bike like I have never seen her ride it before!  She and Brooke raced up and down the street for 1 whole hour!  What a fun day! 

What a great day so far and now it’s time for a nap!

Brielle - Independently Walking!!!!!!!

This is Brielle walking with her KAFO leg braces at physical therapy last Tuesday!  We’ve been working on her taking steps independently for the last 9 months and her hard work has really paid off!  She has gained so much confidence and improved her balance.  Today she walked approximately 70 feet with only one break to rest.  The video is split into 5 pieces because of the time to upload and I don’t want to get any other kiddo’s in the video (privacy laws).  :)

Check out this awesomeness and listen to Brielle say her new slogan, “I CAN and I WILL!!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Brielle taking independent steps with her new braces!

Brielle had her best day at physical therapy today!!  She wore her new KAFO’s (leg braces) and they are fitting perfectly.  She did one whole hour of walking and standing.  She started out walking with her forearm crutches for about 75 feet, then with instruction, she started taking some steps independently.  After that, she took some time out to play at the kitchen (made some pizza and coffee for grandma) and then walked carrying her plate of pizza “just like Cinderella does” Brielle said, approximately another 25 feet to the padded table to serve the food she made at the kitchen. 

We are so proud of her accomplishments, this is VERY hard work for Brielle and she gives her physical therapy sessions 110%.  Check out the videos below to see her blood, sweat and tears… ok, well, maybe just sweat and tears… or just tears (video 2).

Click below to watch her walking with the forearm crutches:


Click below to watch Brielle take independent steps!

 Click below to watch her carrying the pizza on a plate “like Cinderella does” to grandma:

New forearm crutches

Brielle has been doing well with walking in a gait trainer and standing independently with her KAFO’s so we decided to try these forearm crutches.  It is all new so it is very challenging for her and she needs lots of assistance… this is something we will keep working with!