Fun Physical Therapy In Our Local School Gym

Brooke and Brielle have physical therapy sessions once a week through our school district called, “Early Intervention.”  The physical therapist usually visits our home and helps us problem solve how the girls can get around better within our living quarters.  This week we were invited to visit our local school and have the girls do therapy inside the school gym!  They had so much fun and loved all the space that they could move around in. 

Check out some of the great work Brooke was able to do on her Amtryke bike!!

Brielle was able to “run around” with her wheelchair inside the gym after she finished her therapy workout.

Brielle decided she could “help” Brooke and push her along in the tricycle.  This video is so funny.  :)

This video is sure to make you laugh!  Brooke has the best belly laugh.