Fun with Standing Danis!


We are now the proud owners of TWO Standing Dani’s!  We got our first stander almost 2 years ago for Brielle and she has had so much fun with it.  She has grown so much since then that we decided to get another one in the next size up (with lots of room for growth) and hand down the existing one to Brooke.  I couldn’t wait to see them both upright “running” and playing in the backyard together.  Brooke is brand new to the whole driving thing so she still needs practice learning how to turn, go backwards and stop (keep in mind she is only 2 years old!) but for her to feel the breeze in her hair is a whole new thing and she LOVED it!  In between the big smiles and laughter I can her her saying, “run, run, run!”  :)  It’s so cute and it fills my heart with so much joy to see them moving and having so much fun!!!


Speaking of fun… We were fortunate enough to have a physical therapy session with our Early On therapist, Vicki, at our local school!  The girls got to learn how to maneuver through the school’s hallways, play in the empty lunch room and also in the big gymnasium!  Vicki had all kinds of fun things planned for the girls.  A couple of the fun ideas were big beach balls that the girls could push around and paddles to hit a balloon back and forth with!