Happy Easter!!

We hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday with their families and friends!  Our weekend was great, we went on an egg hunt with friends on Saturday and church/Sunday school on Sunday followed by brunch with great friends and watched Robin Hood as a family before bedtime.

The girls found lots of candy and chocolate in their Easter baskets but they’re still not sure about the Easter bunny.   All they care about is that live bunny they now have as a pet…….  thanks to their dad.  Well she/he (?) is pretty cute and very gentle little bunny rabbit.  The bunny’s name is “Anazella.”  Since Brooke has been sick, the only thing that makes her happy is watching the movie, Cinderella.  The name Anazella is a mix of the two step-sister’s names, Anastasia and Drizella.  Brielle came up with that all on her own, pretty clever!  :) 


 Brielle admiring her Easter eggs she made at preschool.


Brooke admiring her Easter eggs too!

Easter egg hunt, there were 5,000 eggs!

Anazella the bunny gets lots of attention from Brielle and her neighborhood friends.  :)


And finally our Easter pictures with a real bunny and baby chicks!

Easter Pictures.jpg