Happy 4th Birthday Brielle!

Brielle turned 4 on Aug 3!  She had a small celebration at home with our family on the night of her birthday and then her very first “big girl” party with a small group of her friends over the weekend.

The theme this year was Disney Princesses… of course!  When I asked her which princess was her favorite she would answer with “Ariel” and then another day it would be “Cinderella”, then another day, “Sleeping Beauty” plus she would always give different answers to friends and family too.  This made it hard for me, because I wanted to arrange for a “real” princess to come to her birthday party to sing and play games with her and her friends!  After asking her at least 100 times, she seemed to say Sleeping Beauty the most, so that is the special princess who surprised her at her party.

Sleeping Beauty was amazing!!!  She had the most beautiful voice when she sang and danced with the girls. She had a few games for them to play and even did face/hand paintings!  The girls were all thrilled with Sleeping Beauty and couldn’t believe the real princess was there!  It was adorable!!!!!

The best present was a special birthday message on DVD from Cinderella all the way from the Castle in DisneyWorld and her friends: Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White!  WOW!!  

Cinderella also sent gifts for the birthday girl and included her little sister, Brooke, too.  Brielle’s favorite presents from Cinderella were a huge lollipop, a minature REAL glass slipper and an Ariel doll.  How did she know those were presents Brielle wanted so much?  Brielle kept the little glass slipper close to her heart for the rest of the day!  Cinderella sure does know all of Brooke and Brielle’s favorite things!  

Brielle had a very special birthday week with lots of friends and family!  She received so many cards in the mail, too!  She enjoyed hearing what each one said.  Thank you to everyone that helped make Brielle’s 4th birthday so memorable!