Happy 5th Birthday Brielle!!!!

Brielle turned the big 5 years old this month!  A whole hand!  Wow, where did the time go!?

She had a really fun movie themed birthday party.  We had a big blow up movie screen set up in our back yard.  Friends and family came over and braved the heat to celebrate Brielle’s big day and thankfully the rain held off until the following day!  

Brielle chose to watch the movie “Sleeping Beauty - Once Upon A Dream” on the big screen.  She couldn’t wait for it to get dark so she could watch it with her friends and enjoy handfulls of popcorn a a big selection of candy and “fizzy pop!”  

The movie was a huge hit and it was so much fun!!  Brielle said her favorite part was when she got to the party and everyone was waiting for her and they excitedly shouted, “Happy Birthday Brielle” when she came in the backyard!

 Thank you to everyone who came and made this birthday one that she will never forget!