Starting off the New Year With ELEVEN steps!!

Today, Brooke took ELEVEN steps ON HER OWN at physical therapy!!  I regret not having a video or pictures but it just caught all of us off guard that I think we were all holding our breath and watching in disbelief!!  I still can’t even believe it!!!  We are working so hard with both of our girls and we hope and pray the strength continues! 

Believe me, I will have the camera rolling at her next session!  ;)


Brooke Walking & Standing with new braces!

Brooke had a great session today at Physical Therapy!  Her attention span is getting longer, she is listening and following directions better and getting used to her new leg braces!

She has been able to stand 20 seconds at the most independently.  Today, she was able to stand for ONE MINUTE independently!!!!  Yay Brooke!!!!  :) 

Here is Brooke standing independently with her new braces!


On the bolster swing!  Such a daredevil.  :)

And here she is walking!

Learning to walk

Brooke is learning how to walk using a gait trainer. She can still crawl, so that is her preferred way of getting to where she wants to go. She gets frustrated with walking because it is a difficult task for her.
Here are some videos of her walking at physical therapy.

 Part 1-


Part 2 -


Part 3 -