Brooke is an Ipad grant recipient from GSF's Project Mariposa!

The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation ( created “Project Mariposa” to make the world more accessible to those with severe disabilities through targeted technology product grants.

“Project Mariposa will initially focus on granting iPads to those impacted by Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) — 50 iPads in 50 weeks. These incredible devices, coupled with the growing application library that accompanies them, are literally life-changing in assisting with communication, education, and independence. The iPad is opening up new avenues that were previously impossible. It’s large screen size, light weight, portability, and featherlight touch screen make access to education, entertainment, and independence possible and in some cases it is allowing children to communicate for the first time in their lives. Its impact is truly incredible. In fact, the New York Times wrote an article and produced the below video about a 7-year-old boy with SMA and how the iPad has empowered him. Project Mariposa’s goal is to provide that same life-changing positivity for a large number of people.”

We filled out an application for Brooke and we are just beyond thrilled that she was the second grant recipient from this wonderful initiative!

“GRANTEE #2: Brooke Kennedy, Michigan :: Brooke has SMA Type 2 and has a love for technology at the ripe age of 3. She likes to play on mom’s iPhone and already knows how to look for her favorite apps. She would be so happy to have her own iPad. The iPad would be helpful to have in stressful situations to help calm her down and redirect her attention. And we feel the iPad will help Brooke develop a longer attention span for learning and learn to communicate with us better than she currently does.” -

…and here she is opening her package that just came in the mail!

Thank you so much Gwendoly Strong Foundation, this gift is going to be invaluable for Brooke!!!!