Troy, OH Strawberry Festival

The amazing Beb-e-ssential ladies, Penny and Melissa, have graciously offered to host an SMA awareness booth at the annual Troy Strawberry Festival in Ohio!  All proceeds will go to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation for SMA research! 

Here is a quote from Victoria Strong last year about the first duck race, “Penny and Melissa heard the festival organizers were holding a duck race raffle — The Great Strawberry Duck Race. Well, Penny and Melissa immediately marched over to buy their ducks and they generously did so in the name of the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation! These cute little rubber duckies never meant more. The grand prize was $1,000!!! — and while the 2nd through 6th place winnings were really neat prizes, pizza every month isn’t going to help cure SMA. This was a long shot — a HUGE long shot. There were hundreds of duckies entered into the contest. But, none as cute as “Gwennie!” After a huge rain storm made the river too full, Penny and Melissa weren’t exactly sure how the “race” would go. It turned out, the ducks were all herded into a pool, labeled only with a random number, and then the Strawberry Festival Queen and Princesses lined up to each select a winner — with the Queen randomly picking the grand prize lucky duck. And guess what??? Gwennie was selected!!! Our duck, out of hundreds, is the winning duck!!! Can you believe it??? It gives me goosebumps to think of the odds and to know none of it would have happened without two very generous, thoughtful, and fabulous ladies!!! Thank you so, so much Penny and Melissa. You are simply incredible.”

This year, Penny and Melissa are holding another booth to raise awareness for SMA this weekend.  It is sure to bring attention with all kinds of SMA awareness paraphernalia and photos of 50 children impacted by SMA and guess what?  Brooke and Brielle are featured!  Penny and Melissa are opening up the duck race to all of us by making a donation on their website, and all you have to do is just make sure to put your name, address and phone number in the comments section when you check out and they will fill out the tickets for you!  Each duck is $5 or you can purchase the “quack pack” that gives you 5 for $20. 

So what are you waiting for, go quackie and purchase your ducks!