RaElla, 5, skips birthday presents, asks for donations to help Brooke and Brielle.

Usually, children have a long list of toys and presents they want for their birthday.

Not sweet RaElla. 

She decided she wanted to help her friends, Brooke and Brielle, instead of receiving gifts for her 5th birthday.

RaElla and Brielle were born just a few days apart and have only met a few times face to face (because they live in different states).  But those play dates have made a lasting impression on RaElla.  So much so that she asked her family and friends to donate money to the “Friends of Brooke and Brielle Organization” instead of buying presents for her.

We feel incredibly honored by RaElla’s selflessness and her generosity in giving up her birthday presents to help Brooke and Brielle. We were simply blown away by her generosity. This came as a huge surprise to us!  We only learned about it after her birthday took place and we received an envelope in the mail filled with checks for the “Friends of Brooke and Brielle!”  RaElla’s mom wrote, “We’ll keep praying and doing our part for a cure!”  I had tears instantly run down my face, it was such a kind gesture.  Acts of kindness like this make us feel as if we are not alone in this battle against SMA.  I am constantly reminded that we have so many amazing friends out there willing to help us carry the constant burden that we are faced with from this awful degenerative disease.

We hope that through RaElla’s 5th birthday, her friends and family have learned more about the leading genetic killer of infants and young children, Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

RaElla’s beautiful act of kindness reminds us what an important impact each person can have on another and she is so inspiring!

Happy 5th birthday to RaElla and thank you for your big-hearted generosity!!! <3